Kat Grosshaupt

Kat Grosshaupt

I'm on a mission. I want women everywhere to feel empowered and strong. I want to help women see their potential and that there is nothing in life that can hold them back from fulfilling their dreams and ultimate desires. I do this through Crossfit coaching, teaching Hynobirthing, and assisting in labors as a Birth Doula. I'm a Mom first and foremost and I strive to be the best example possible for my children and those around me.

Birth is Paleo

                               Creating Community at our BirthFit Workshop

I was talking to my neighbor the other day. She was relaying a conversation she had with her adopted 7 year old son about where babies come from- like how they actually exit the woman’s body. When she told him they come out of a woman’s vagina, he looked horrified and said, “That must hurt! I’m glad you didn’t have to go through that.”

We laughed, but deep down I wanted to say “Yes, but….” and go on to give her a synopsis of my thoughts on Childbirth. I have to be careful in these sorts of situations because, if you know me at all, you know I tell it like it is and don’t hold back. Sometimes that works in my favor. In the case of just barely meeting people in my neighborhood, I have to learn to filter!

Anyway, my point is this:

We, as women, are MADE to have babies. Our bodies know how to conceive, grow, carry, and give birth to our babies. And even nurture them afterwards.

We rely on our bodies daily. Do you have to tell your body when and how to pump your blood? Breathe with your lungs? No! The same is true for Labor.

Our bodies are an intricately designed machine. A woman’s body (and the Baby) secretes hormones that signal Labor to begin. No chemicals needed. No machines. Just the innate knowledge of the Labor process that is ingrained in your cells.

I am NOT saying there aren’t times when medical intervention is warranted. But it is widely overused and unecessary. Labor has its own time frame. And there is this other little thing that contributes to complications, long labors, and more.


Fear can cause your body to literally shut down. When you are afraid, your body goes into Fight or Flight mode. It thinks you are literally dying. So it slows or even halts Labor. Your body wants to protect you and your Baby from the perceived wild animal that is chasing you!

So how do you deal with this FEAR thing? Hmmmmm…. You’ll have to come to my Crossfit and Pregnancy Workshop to find out!

This workshop is for anyone Pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, or if you coach pregnant women. 

Dec.8 at Crossfit Central in Austin.

9am-4pm with Paleo Lunch provided by Caveman Cuisine.

Co-presenting with Dr. Lindsey Mathews of BirthFit.

It WILL sell out! Sign up HERE.

Paleo and Crossfit… A Winning Labor Combination!

When Laura emailed me a few months ago, I was instantly intrigued. She is a 47- year old mother of 3 who is a Physician here in Austin. She also attends Crossfit classes at Westlake Crossfit and has been eating Paleo for the past 2 years (as has her husband and kids!)

Laura took my Hypnobirthing childbirth prep class and then hired me to be her Doula. I was really excited- for a number of reasons. 

  • As my worlds merge more and more (Crossfit, Paleo nutrition, and Birth work), I am getting to see, first hand, the effects of what a healthy Crossfit/Paleo lifestyle can do to get women’s bodies in prime condition to carry and deliver healthy babies with shorter labors and optimal recovery times.
  • Laura was super excited about not only Hypnobirthing, but Crossfit, Paleo, AND she is in the medical profession. The more we can get medical personnel to see, first hand, how a Paleo lifestyle can contribute to healthier Moms and Babies, the more widespread the message will become- hopefully!

When a woman is over the age of 36, she is considered “advanced maternal age”- Hey wait! I’m 36! I’m not OLD!!! Anyway, Laura at 47 years, was considered high risk and went to a high risk specialist in addition to her regular OB/GYN. 

Each time Laura went to an appointment with her high risk doc, he was blown away by how healthy she was and how well her pregnancy was going. No issues, no aches and pains. She was probably healthier than women in their 20s!

One of the biggest concerns with older moms is stillbirth and placenta degradation. So Laura was induced a day or so after her estimated due date as a form of precaution.

They started Laura on a low dose of Pitocin at 7am. When I walked into her room, she was smiling and excited. We chatted for a bit, I did some relaxation hypnosis with her, and I left for a few hours to get some work done.

When I arrived back at the hospital, Laura was still doing great. Her pitocin was upped every 20 minutes or so and the OB broke her bag of waters around Noon. Things began to pick up around 1pm, so I supported Laura with some massage, reminding her to breathe deeply and relax during each contraction. She had a nice rhythm going where she would sit in the rocking chair between contractions, then stand and sway with each contraction.

At 3:15pm her OB came in to check her cervix. Laura was disappointed to hear she was only 5cm and I wondered if she was going to ask for and epidural. (I would have supported her in whatever decision she made. My job is to support. Not to judge or impose my own thoughts or beliefs on my clients) 

At 3:35, not 20 minutes later, Laura told the nurse and I that there was a LOT of pressure “down there” and she seemed a lot more uncomfortable. All of the sudden, Laura screamed “He’s coming! He’s coming!” The nurse and I looked at each other and told Laura to get on the bed.

We pulled her underwear down only to see the emergence of a little head! He was, in fact, coming! The nurse pulled an emergency cord and 8 people came rushing in. I thought for sure I was about to deliver my first baby solo!

The wonderful L&D nurses sprung into action and baby Adam was crying all pink and cute in about 2 minutes flat! Laura barely had to push him out!

Laura’s placenta came out a few minutes later (this is always the part of birth that fascinates me. The placenta is the baby’s respiratory system, filtration system, and nourishment. The healthier a Mom is, the more healthy- looking her placenta is. Laura’s was a beautiful bright red. Thanks Paleo!)

Baby Adam was the epitome of health. His APGARs were all 9s. He was the pinkest baby I’ve ever seen. Had a healthy cry and latched right on to Laura’s breast and went to town! 

I will NEVER forget this birth. I’ve never experienced anything like it! But most importantly, I am thrilled to see a woman of “advanced age” beat the odds and take control of her pregnancy with the proper approach to nutrition and fitness.

I have another Crossfitting Paleo eatin’ Mama due any day now and I’ll be sure to let you know how that one goes as well! 

Nutrition during pregnancy is something many women feel worried and anxious about. No wonder- there are a million different lines of thinking surrounding this topic!

I put together a video outlining some ideas for not only your diet, but supplementation as well. As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at 


This is the first of a weekly video blog series I’ll be doing on all things Pregnancy and Postpartum! I’ll be discussing everything from fitness, nutrition, interviewing practitioners around Austin, and much more! 

If you have a topic you’d like to see, drop me a line at KatGrosshaupt@CrossfitCentral.com.